The Grocery Options in Charleston, SC

So what are the options for grocery shopping around here?  I break it down like this.  You have the following national chains:

There are 9 Walmart Supercenters in the Charleston, SC market.  1 Sam’s Club.  1 Costco.  1 Trader Joe’s. 1 Whole Foods.  4 Target stores with groceries.

Next you have the following regional chains: 14 Harris Teeter locations (now owned by Kroger) and 12 Publix stores.  1 Earth Fare.

And finally, the bottom of the barrel: 20 Bi-Lo locations, 15 Food Lion stores, 6 Piggly Wiggly supermarkets and 3 Save-A-Lot stores.  Stepping into any of these stores is like taking a trip back in time to grocery merchandising in 1975. Dated store interiors, unimpressive produce, high prices and expired dairy products are the norm.

So what on Earth is a person to do?  Where should you shop? How can someone trying to eat healthy on a budget survive?

It can be done.  Keep reading.


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