Rip-Off Report: Gallon of Milk at Walmart

On tax-free weekend here in South Carolina, I found myself shopping at both Sam’s Club and Walmart in North Charleston on Centre Pointe Drive.

I was at Walmart purchasing my usual stuff when I decided I needed a gallon of milk. I go back to the dairy case and much to my astonishment, the price of a Great Value brand gallon of milk was an outrageous $4.35 a gallon.

Rip-Off Milk Pricing








I put it back and did not buy.  Instead, I went next door to Sam’s Club, where the price of the same gallon of milk was a much more reasonable $3.02 a gallon.  Here’s my question: why the pricing discrepancy?  Both stores are owned by the same company.  One is a membership warehouse – I get that – but a 30% price difference?



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