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Welcome to The Charleston Grocery Blog

In the last 4+ years, I have managed to lose almost 400 pounds on my own through diet and exercise. This isn’t easy…and requires a lot of shopping, cooking and eating.  Since I do not eat out in restaurants, I prepare every meal I eat.

I spend hundreds of dollars a month and hours at a time grocery shopping. You know what? It’s all worth it.  I have become very good at it and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the stores and groceries available in the city where I live, Charleston, SC.

Enter the blog idea.

I moved to Charleston (or as everyone but the people who live here call it: “The Lowcountry”) 9 years ago.  Compared to up North, the grocery shopping options sucked.  The people who live here and don’t travel have no idea what they’re missing.  There is no Meijer. No Kroger. No Wegmans. And on and on. What’s your favorite grocery store? Trust me, it isn’t here.

But things have gotten better. A whole lot better. I have been doing this long enough to become an expert on grocery shopping. So I have decided to share this knowledge with the Internet. After all, why should all of this expertise go to waste?